What Our Patients Say

“Dr. DeCarlo has been treating me with ART for a severely painful right shoulder (frozen shoulder) with very restricted range of motion and with numbness in my right hand. The results have been remarkable. In just four weeks (seven treatments), I’ve regained virtually complete range of motion, and my pain level is now at the mild, annoying level. All numbness has completely disappeared. I had a similar condition in my left shoulder about two years ago, and it took about six months of physical therapy to achieve the same results.”

-Charlie Rolader

"The convenient location, experienced doctor, and always friendly receptionists are what keep me coming back. I wouldn't trust my spine anywhere else!"

-Carlos Hernandez

"Dr. De Carlo is my first chiropractor and I'm very much satisfied and glad that I made such decision to see a chiropractor. I had not been in an accident, but even with young age, 25, I've experienced discomfort on my neck and lower back due to elongated time spent on desk/laptop with bad posture. Through adjustments sessions where Dr. DeCarlo relieved discomforts and explained stretches and exercises that help relieve the discomforts and pains, I was able to sustain long work hours in front of a computer with much less discomfort. In essence, I am more aware with how I am postured and periodically adjust my posture to help sustain healthy spine thanks to Dr. DeCarlo's assistance. I would definitely recommend for even first timers to see Dr. DeCarlo."

-Hansol Lee

“I have been to chiropractors before and I was pretty satisfied with the results. However, since coming to the DeCarlo chiropractic center,I have been more than satisfied with the service! I actually consider Dr DeCarlo my "savior". Upon arrival, I was in such back pain that words cannot express. I would've done Anything to be relieved. Dr DeCarlo literally put me out of my mystery with his superior knowledge and techniques and I have told others about his expertise and referred them to receive the relief that I've experienced. I've vowed to go to him as long as I live here in Georgia. I feel 100% better and I recommend anyone come see Dr DeCarlo for relief, maintenance and just to feel great!!!"

-Anita Powell

“I have been seeing Dr. DeCarlo for nearly 11 years as a patient--it has been mostly for maintenance, but when I do have a subluxation, it is resolved usually within the first visit. He's seen me through 3 pregnancies and is also now adjusting all three of my kids, ages 5, 2, and 5 months. I'm not sure I would've survived some of those pregnancies without regular chiropractic care, and Dr. D always listened to how I was feeling and adjusted me accordingly. Chiropractic care is so important and it's great to have a wonderful chiropractor to go to!"

-Jenna Mascarenas

“Dr. DeCarlo and his office staff are the best. He has gotten my spine healthy after a couple years of neglect, and a series of treatments cleared my 4-year-old's double ear infection and allowed fluid to drain without having to give her antibiotics. Thanks for giving us such great care!"

-Julie Willner

“I've seen a few chiropractors in my lifetime and I thought they were pretty good until I moved to Smyrna. I was referred to Dr DeCarlo, he is definitely the BEST chiropractor that I've seen so far, he is very passionate and thorough at his job, the staff is wonderful too. I truly look forward to getting my treatment and the results are excellent, highly recommend, will not be disappointed."

-Earnest Mitchel