Our mission throughout the site is to “Get Our Patients Well Fast”, but the difference is Complete care.

Most automobile injuries are Soft Tissue in nature, normally do to a significant Sprain / Strain injury. This Can occur from a rear-end, head-on, or a side impact (T-Bone).

Our main focus is adjusting the spine to correct Vertebral Subluxation, but we also address soft tissue involvement including ; Trigger points, Spasm, Scar tissue/Adhesions, and Spinal Disc.

We offer both Spinal and Extremity adjustments, Physiological Therapeutics, Active Release, Deep Tissue full-body Massage, Therapeutic Stretching and Strengthening, and Cox Decompression if necessary.

It’s imperative that strengthening is administered towards the end of the initial treatment, to prevent pain from returning and avoid residual treatment.

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Below is our “Glove Box” brochure – Please print this out and place in your glove box. This brochure will really help in case an accident occurs.You can also easily print our Personal Injury - New Patient Forms by clicking on the clipboard or link below.