How Foot Pronation Can Cause Lower Back Pain

June 19, 2018 Steven Garber No comments exist

Did you know that the way you stand on your feet can contribute to lower back and knee pain? In a process known as pronation, the foot slowly becomes flat and loses its arch. This can be a major factor in a variety of ailments, particularly foot pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.

This week, we are joined by special guest Dr. Steven Garber of Cartersville Chiropractic Care. Dr. Garber explains how foot pain develops from a chiropractic perspective. When the foot has an arch, it is more easily able to absorb shock from walking, and can maintain its arch by effectively rolling when the heel strikes the ground with each step. This enforces proper foot alignment.

Dr. Garber explains how this foot alignment allows the lower extremities and the lower back to function correctly through what is known as the kinetic chain. Without this position of the foot, the knee and lower back will be subjected to the stress and impact that the foot is designed for. Dr. Garber also goes into how pronation can arise, and why it’s important to be vigilant when it comes to maintaining this proper form. He stresses the importance of orthotics and, of course, regular chiropractic care and stretches to help the lower back.

If you have foot pronation and struggle with foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, or lower back pain as a result, properly fitted custom foot orthotics can correct the pronation or fallen arches of the feet. In this video, Dr. Garber demonstrates the custom fitting of Vasyli foot orthotics on a patient. The orthotics help maintain a proper arch in the foot, which supplements work done in the chiropractic office to support the improvement of the kinetic chain.

Dr. Steven Garber is an adjunct faculty member of Life University and maintains a chiropractic office in Cartersville, Georgia. You can learn more about Dr. Garber here.

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